Friday, 8 November 2013

Seagull Jumper

One of my favourite things about the run-up to winter is it being acceptable to start wearing Christmas jumpers - not full on Mr. Darcy Style, of course:

(photo from Recycled Fashion)

But a more stylishly Scandinavian version (think Sarah Lund from the Killing).

However, since I'm not really in the Christmas mood yet - Guy Fawkes' Day/Bonfire Night has only just been and gone - this lovely Seagull jumper by the amazing Quba seems a nice compromise. Snuggly and warm - perfect for walks - but not overtly festive - yet!

Do you like it?

E xxx


  1. Love it....Thanks for posting! I saw it a while ago in a shop while on holiday and have trawled the internet to find it ever since to no avail....until now!

    1. It's sweet isn't it? Glad to be of service. Am waiting for it to go on sale...