Thursday, 28 February 2013

Old Times

What a beautiful production. Now, I did a bit of Harold Pinter at university, so am familiar, and if not familiar, acquainted with the somewhat mysterious nature of his plays, but I have never seen his work performed.

Yesterday, I saw Old Times (at The Harold Pinter Theatre) for the second time. I don't usually make a habit of this (my funds don't allow it) but, you see, the two actresses (there are only three characters in the play, Rufus Sewell playing the third) switch roles from show to show. So dazzled and intrigued was I by Kristen Scott Thomas' and Lia Williams' performances the first time I saw it a couple of weeks ago that I simply HAD to see them act the other way around as well.

Theatre critics have raved about the subtle differences between the two different castings, and I don't have much to add, only that both women seemed to capture a dimension to each character that the other did not achieve.

Doesn't it show even in these pictures?

On a side note, Rufus Sewell was pretty dreamy:

He also sings romantic songs for about 5 minutes! What's not to love?

The Harold Pinter releases 20 tickets or so every morning for just £10 - all you have to do is show up waving a tenner. Let me know what you think...

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