Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pashley Bottle Bar Bag

My father merrily cycles to work and back in the middle of London rush hour, but the thought of getting on a bike in the city terrifies me - those buses! 

He consequently loves saddle bags and satchels, and recently showed me the latest on his wishlist, a beautiful despatch bag by Pashley. Pashley actually manufacture the most beautiful British bicycles, the sleek English-gentleman sort with little baskets on the front, but their accessories collection is so great. Needless to say, I spotted a little bag that I liked:

How smart is that? I can imagine cycling on a dreamy summer's evening to a dinner party with a bottle of wine for the host safely buckled inside..

However, this will have to remain a fantasy, as not only is this almost £200, but I also value my life too much. 

Anyway, am off to South Africa for a month now, so I won't post until I return. Have an amazing July!

E xxx

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