Monday, 13 May 2013

Out of Print Clothing

I know everyone's in a bit of a Gatsby fever at the moment (have you seen the new film? The combination of a) it not coming out in England til this Thursday and b) me being in the middle of exams means I won't get to see it for a while but I am very excited - I know Leo and Carey will be sensational though I've read Baz Lurhman overdoes it a bit) but I thought this t-shirt from Out of Print Clothing rather lovely:

You can also get the classic American cover:

Both Gatsby ones come in lots of different colours! I adore this website, they have so many cute book cover tshirts and jumpers. You can shop by book title to see if your favourite is there! They also do jumpers (sweaters) and totes.

I feel like I want them all, but I especially like Charlotte's Web, Tales of the Jazz Age, and the cover of Jane Eyre, which looks like a bad romance novel! 

Which do you like? Would you wear one?

E xxx

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