Sunday, 19 May 2013

Summer Straws

I was putting off studying for my next exam by idly daydreaming about the garden party I am going to host in early June, when this misery of work is (temporarily) behind me...

Now, people may laugh but I have been poring over Pippa Middleton's 'Celebrate' (I'd been hankering after it for ages and my mama bought it for me as a cheer-up/revision present!). I don't care what anyone says (people have been very scathing about it), I think it is wonderful! It's so full of thoughtful and interesting ideas, and for someone who likes to throw any kind of social gathering (be it a supper party, soiree, brunch, murder mystery dinner, drinks or afternoon tea) it just made me so excited to try out her recipes and decorating tips. I would genuinely heartily recommend it, it's such a knowledgable, wholesome and beautifully put together book.

Anyway, that is not the point of this post. Inspired by the lovely Pippa, I was looking for some old fashioned paper straws that I thought would be a nice addition to the glasses of Pimm's that people are going to be drinking at my party, and I found these:

Aren't they PERFECT? I am pretty sure my heart actually ached when I read that Terrain doesn't ship to the UK.. I don't think I will find any others as sweet as these, but I will keep looking...

E xxx


  1. Emma! I just bought these at Terrain a few weeks ago! Have you had your party yet? I can ship them to you!

    1. Oh my word - you are quite literally the loveliest person on the entire planet!!! My party was last Friday (it was sadly straw-less) but I am having another in August where they would still be perfect - I would die for those straws! Would you mind terribly sending them? I can transfer you the money online -or send a cheque - or am totally happy to post you absolutely anything from England in return!! If you email me at I can send my address! You are amazing. Thank you so much! xxx