Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Daniel Wellington

I am always, without fail, fiendishly on time. No matter how fashionably late I try to be, I just can't do it - I am, in fact, usually early.

It goes without saying that I love watches. I wear one every day, and if ever I forget, I absently look at my bare wrist dozens of times, and feel a bit lost without it!

The watch I wear is quite one of my favourite things - it's absolutely beautiful - a 21st birthday present - but I do feel that it is sometimes too smart to wear quite everywhere, so I am saving up for a more cheerful, rough-and-tumble sort of watch. A Daniel Wellington watch, to be precise.
Yes, expensive, but so stylish and preppy - I am solemnly trying to save £10 a week, and will hopefully be able to afford one by early summer:

Just looking at it, I can just imagine being at Henley, drinking Pimm's...

I am torn between the above watch, and this one, which I think would 'go' with more things... but it's just not as frivolous, is it? 

Have a look at the Daniel Wellington website - aren't they lovely? I like that you can buy the straps separately - perhaps I'll buy the red, white and blue watch, and ask for the blue and white strap for my birthday? 

E xxx

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