Friday, 1 March 2013

The Flour Station

I love Borough Market, but it's one of those places where if you're there for lunch, it's slightly stressful making a choice because everything just looks so darn delish. There is quite literally every kind of food you could think of, so you really need to know what you want - and every other person wandering round with you is clutching a delectable-looking handful that makes you change your mind again.

My new strategy is either to go for the first stall that draws my attention, or to go to Borough Market when not especially hungry, then I end up buying some bits and pieces to try at home.

One of my successes was a couple of (English) muffins from The Flour Station. Enormous, squashy pillows of joy. I kept it simple, sliced them in half and gobbled them down with thickly spread salted butter and a dash of marmite.

They were divine.

E xxx

P.S. In the Metro yesterday, Kappacasein, also in Borough Market, is supposed to serve the best cheese toastie in London... I'm definitely going to try it! In the name of research, of course.

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