Friday, 8 March 2013

Light My Fire

Matches are such an everyday thing. The classic boxes that you can pick up in the supermarket (in the UK anyway) tend to be simple orange or yellow boxes - and they're not exactly things of beauty.

I'm fond of candles, and always light one in the evenings - they smell beaut and also cast super-flattering light everywhere! I also love matchboxes that are pretty enough to leave out.

So, when I got given these today, I did a little dance of joy:

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL? You can't tell from these photos but the box is BIG - and the matches are 10 cm long, so no singed fingertips! I will gleefully leave them on my table for the world to see.

Ok, yes, they are just matches, but it is the little things that make me happy! You can find these by the rather excellent  Archivist Gallery  - they have lots of cute designs.

Do you like them? Or am I getting overexcited over nothing?
It would be a sweet idea to give one with a candle for a housewarming present!

E xxx

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