Monday, 4 March 2013

The Invisible Mothers

Spotted them yet?
Look again.

In each picture, the child is actually sitting on the lap of a person covered in a cloth. Their mother, to be precise. In the days of long exposure photography, it was imperative that the subjects stayed still or the result would be blurred. In these,  the mamas would hold their little ones tight for the camera, but covered up, so the photo was just of the child.

Now, a lot of people find these pictures quite creepy, even sinister, but I don't think this at all! It is a little strange, I grant you, and I question why the mother (or father, in some cases) couldn't just be in the photo - but so interesting, right?

Some of the cover-ups are not very subtle!

These photos are, of course, from the wonderful Retronaut site. Click here to look at the rest!

What do you think? Creepy, or curious?

E xxx

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