Saturday, 16 March 2013

Dear Diary...

Do you keep a diary/journal? I don't - well, not exactly - I used to write diaries when I was younger and always want to die with embarrassment whenever I reread them now - I can't bear it!

What I have now is a bit more casual - it's called One Line A Day - and it bills itself as "A Five-Year Memory Book". I know five-year diaries are fairly well-established, but this one is different in that it really is pretty small (see its size in comparison to my iPod)- there's only room for about 25 words for each day. That makes it easy to keep up to date, and also minimises any possibility of cringe-worthy confessions...

My entries aren't ground breaking - I always try and write what I wouldn't mind anyone reading.. So it's not exactly "something sensational to read on the train" (in the immortal words of Oscar Wilde) - but it's fun to look back at the previous year and see what was happening a year ago...

I can't wait to be 4 years in, and able to look back and see how far (or not!) I've come!

E xxx

P.S. They make great presents! Amazon sells them but I got mine at the V&A shop

P.P.S. There are quite a few novelty diaries out there, actually, if you want to write a journal but find it too time-consuming- I like mine best (of course!) but here are some others:

The Q&A 5 Year Journal - It asks a question (can people change? what was the last restaurant you went to? are you a leader or a follower? what's the oldest thing you're wearing today?) at the top of each page and you can see how your answers differ from year to year.

The Q&A a Day for Kids - This looks seriously cute. Same publishers as above, but a 3 year journal, with questions to spark conversation with children. How sweet would it be to do this every night before bed and see the answers change over the years? Questions such as "when were you last brave?" and "what is your favourite toy?" Also, judging by the amazon reviews, children LOVE it..

Jane-A-Day: 5 Year Journal: Another five year journal, topped with a Jane Austen witticism for inspiration.

Listography: Your Life in Lists - List-writers rejoice! Filled with headings such as "list your favourite restaurant" and "list bad things you did as a kid", this is a gradual process you can add to as and when you think of things. Gradually, a sort of autobiography will emerge from the pages...

One Sketch a Day for the artists among you

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